Gomer: The first soft robot that assist, interact and entertain your total family

If there’s any sort of trend in robotics this year it’s soft hands. Robots with soft pincers are quite useful in picking up – and not breaking – objects and now you can enjoy a soft-handed robot at home.

The robot is called Gomer and it’s available now on Indiegogo. The little robot had an expressive face and a big claw on top. You can play games with Gomer – my kids liked keep-away in which the robot steals a box and then tries to run away from you – or you can train him to pick up objects or explore his surroundings.

At $229 for early birds you’re not paying much for a smart wheeled robot and he has a nice little SDK for programming. They’ve also designed him to be able to play with your pets, as evidenced by the short video of Gomer tormenting a grey cat.

Gomer will be your robot assistant. He has a flexible gripper and can hold anything from food to drinks to household items. Gomer is the perfect robot companion for the kids, he can remember your kids, recognize emotion, paly games, learn Graphic Programming, etc. With an in-built 720p Camera and Wi-Fi, you can also play, watch and interact with your pets anytime and anywhere, all by your smartphone!

Dr. Jonathan Liu created Gomer as part of his research into soft robotics. His co-founder, Eric Zhao, worked in robotics and embedded systems.

“For the first time, soft robotics is not exclusive to factories and other industry specific products, but are made consumer friendly and for the masses,”said Liu. “Gomer is easy to use for anyone, but also has an open API for developers who want to customize Gomer. In addition, Gomer’s AI recognizes facial expressions and can express its own based on what he sees.”

“When the Gomer team finished graduate school, we had a clear idea of what we wanted to do with our research results: a robot that combined the helpfulness and attitude of Dobby with the playfulness of Baymax. We invented Gomer to bring this dream into reality, and to bring to the world a new being with the liveliness and distinctiveness of our favorite animated characters,” he said.


1. What is the feature of Gomer’s soft hand?
Gomer’s hand is a specially-designed, bendable hand that automatically reshapes itself to whatever it grabs, which allows it to grab a wide variety of objects, including fruits, can, bread, etc.

2. How can I connect to Gomer robot?
You can download the Gomer App first and use the APP to connect Gomer. There are two ways for connection. You can connect Gomer via router. In addition, you can also connect directly to Gomer’s generated WiFi.

3. Where can I download the Gomer App?
You can download the Gomer App for free at Google Play and App Store.

4. Which phones can run the Gomer app?
iPhones running on iOS 9.0 or later and Android phones running on 5.0 OS or later.

5. What are the requirements of AR feature?
For iOS, it requires iPhone 6s or later running on iOS 11.0 or later. For Android, it requires ARCore supported devices(Google Pixel, Galaxy S8 etc.) running on Android 7.0 or later.

6. How long can its battery last when fully charged?
The battery can last for 2 to 3 hours if fully charged and it needs about 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged.

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