Terms & Privacy Policy

Terms of Services:-


Foots.info is online database platform. Having database in the field of Music, Technology, Social Trends, Movies and so much. FootsInfo is founded by Shubham Marathe. FootsInfo’ head office is situated in Maharashtra, India.

FootsInfo offer database content on topics – Technology, Science, Wars, History, Politics, Movies and Personalities related to Movies. This information is collected by researching on web, accessible books, encyclopedias and individual research.

FootsInfo cover its terms according to services that are to offer the information on various diversified topics. This topics are accessible to everyone. Their is no Age Restriction particularly excluding some Movies’ content. That will be informed to the users as the content will be displayed.

Some countries restricted their citizen to access some web contents or searches. That content will particularly removed from that field.


Privacy Policy:-


Foots.info doesn’t need any Sign Up or Log in to it’s users. So, no Privacy Policy about the users include on this website.

To the comments creator – the Name, Websites and Comments are verified by the Foots.info Moderators or Admin.

The information about any Personality shown on the website is according to research. So, we can not totally give all security about it’s information.

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