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11 Tech Leaders Share The Truth About Artificial Intelligence (And What Really Matters)

Oh, the deep world of artificial intelligence. There’s an endless sea of content as it pertains to best practices, how to leverage AI for your business, how it will impact consumers, and the list goes on (way on). The truth is, some AI is too complex and unnecessary for businesses to be worrying about investing in for their brand at this stage, especially given current and short-term demands. But with constant talk of AI and automation…Read More:-


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Artificial Intelligence is Writing the next ‘Game Of Thrones’ Book

“Game of Thrones” fans have grown so impatient for George R.R. Martin to finish the next “A Song of Ice And Fire” book – the series that the HBO show is based on – that an artificial intelligence system just wrote the beginning of the sixth book. Zack Thoutt, a “GoT” fan and software engineer, created a type of AI, Read More:-


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Artificial intelligence: how scared should we be about machines taking over?

‘Prediction is very difficult,” the great physicist Niels Bohr is supposed to have said, “especially when it’s about the future.” That hasn’t stopped a wave of ­­popular-science books from giving it go, and attempting, in particular, to sketch the coming takeover of the world by superintelligent machines. Read More:-


In the eye of the AI storm

Artificial intelligence cyber attacks are coming – but what does that mean?

The next major cyberattack could involve artificial intelligence systems. It could even happen soon: At a recent cybersecurity conference, 62 industry professionals, out of the 100 questioned, said they thought the first AI-enhanced cyberattack could come in the next 12 months. This doesn’t mean robots will be marching down Main Street. Read More:-


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Man With Machine: Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), we think of robots — machines that mimic human behavior or thought. This is partly the influence of comics, novels, movies and other pop culture tidbits, but the boundaries of AI have progressed far beyond this basic personification. Read More:-

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